Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon (YMO) staff consult and provide training and technical assistance for youth-serving groups, organizations, and agencies across the country. Our staff have extensive  experience building, improving, and running youth/young adult programs and services, making them invaluable resources for new and evolving youth/young adult service providers.

mental health, addictions, peer services

YMO provides technical assistance to state agencies, nonprofits, and communities seeking information about and support in designing programs for young adults who may have experience with mental health, addictions/recovery, foster care, juvenile justice, LGBTQQI2S, and/or other youth serving systems. We can provide technical assistance via on-site and/or virtual training, regular dialogue, and/or providing quick correspondence to answer any questions you may have.

The following are some examples of the type of professional assistance we can provide:

  • Program development for the amplification of youth/young adult voice in your community
  • Program development and service expansion for transition-aged youth/young adults
  • Crisis response for critical incidents such as; suicide, school violence, community violence
  • Remodel/redesign existing locations to encourage youth engagement
  • Development, training, and supervision of peer support providers in your community
  • Incorporation of youth/young adult-driven support services into existing systems of care
  • Building the capacity of states,regional and local programs to improve services to transitional aged youth.
  • Assessment of current program and services
  • Marketing strategies for transition aged youth

If you don’t see what you need, no problem! We can meet with you to discuss your needs and design an assistance plan specially suited to fit your needs.

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